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WRPA Statement - PRB compromise agreed, England game to go ahead

The Welsh Rugby Players Association (The WRPA) is pleased to announce that the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) has compromised on its proposals concerning conditions for men’s professional rugby players in Wales, following representations by the players.

The WRPA has received confirmation that:

  • The fixed variable element of the new standard contract will be optional for the players that are out of contract.

  • The capability clause will be removed from the new standard contract.

  • Players will have to consent to any loan arrangement proposed by their club.

The WRPA can also confirm on behalf of the Wales Senior Men’s Squad that the Guinness Six Nations fixture against England will now go ahead as planned. Against significant uncertainty for the livelihoods and families of professional men’s rugby players in Wales and unacceptable proposed conditions, the Wales Senior Men’s Squad united alongside and in support of their fellow professionals.

No player wished for matters to have escalated to this extent, however the points raised by our members across Wales are crucial to their wellbeing and ensuring that they are treated fairly as the main assets of the sport we all love.

Gareth Lewis, WRPA CEO, said:

"I'm grateful to PRB members for the meaningful consultation that has taken place over the past days and weeks and for the compromises they have made in getting to this point. "We are still not over the line fully and, clearly, having legally binding contracts in front of our players next week as indicated is now our absolute priority.”

Ashton Hewitt, Chair of The WRPA, said:

“This is an important step in the right direction to rebuilding the relationship between WRPA members and the decision-makers responsible for the functioning of the game in Wales. We thank the PRB for compromising from its original proposals.

“On behalf of all members, The WRPA would like to express its deep gratitude to the men’s National squad players for taking a stand for their peers and for showing the willingness to make what is arguably the ultimate sacrifice for any professional rugby player. Our sincere hope is that this is never required again and all interested parties can work together to sustain and grow Welsh rugby.”


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