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The WRPA Personal Development Program (PDP) is based on ever-growing research in the field of Performance Lifestyle. This insight highlights the increasing importance of appropriate dual-career support for professional athletes.


The goal of our PDP is to cater for the long-term growth of the person alongside the professional rugby player. Our approach sets out to minimise the potential concerns, conflicts, and distractions for a player, by developing options and healthy alternate interests with the person. This approach helps them train fresher, compete stronger and hold their passion for longer.


The PDP strives to ensure that the needs of each individual as well as the group collective are assessed, action planned and nurtured throughout their journey. Players at each of their key career stages, namely those transitional phases at Academy, becoming a Professional Player and Retirement, are provided with group and individual support by our experienced Personal Development Managers (PDM) based at each region.

Career & Education


Life Skills



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Our ambition is to ensure our members not only have a successful rugby career, but they also go on to thrive beyond the sport. We know that transitioning athletes will experience significant change and that has a direct consequence on their ability to perform to their potential regardless of the context. By recognising their stage of change and working proactively with targeted interventions, we strive to help each person feel confident and prepared for life within and beyond rugby.

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