This is your Second Half...

Second Half Rugby is the registered charity set up by the WRPA in 2017 to support professional rugby players of Wales in times of hardship. Second Half aims to aid players who find themselves in difficult situations; be it financial, medical, integral or mental health related issues. Often this support is given in the form of financial grants; covering costs incurred after a career-ending injury such as mortgage payments, rehabilitation support, travel and accommodation costs for family and friends.

This arm of support gives back to those players who have given everything to the game, enabling them to start their own Second Half as easily and comfortably as possible.


Whether it be to aid funding for your rehabilitation, adapt your home to meet your needs, fly family in from abroad while in hospital – Second Half is there to remove the pressure when a severe injury or illness occurs.


Life can throw you curve balls, whether the reason is clear or not – Second Half is there to help right these wrongs and help players rebuild their lives. Be it gambling, drug abuse, marital breakdown, mortgage issues; players are people in need of a helping hand – Second Half provides this.


No one can ease the loss of a loved one; Second Half can help to support players and their families when they experience this grief.

Second Half is a charity run by and for players in need, allocating small grants to aid in difficult situations.


If you or your company requires more information on how you can support Second Half Rugby, please contact

If you are a WRPA member struggling to cope in any situation contact your Personal Development Manager in your region. They will be able to advise you on ways to tackle your situation, apply for a grant and ultimately, begin your Second Half.

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