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WRPA members players learn Paediatric First Aid.

The WRPA’s Personal Development Programme is continuing to provide opportunities to its’ members; with WRPA members based at the Scarlets being the latest to attend a Paediatric First Aid workshop. This session, which was also attended by players’ partners, educated attendees on basic first aid skills and the knowledge needed to help young patients in a time of need.

With plenty of the WRPA’s members stepping into fatherhood during their time as a professional rugby player, having the comfort and knowledge of how to help should they face a situation where their new found First Aid skills have the potential to be life-saving.

WRPA members are continuing to explore and learn many life skills such as Paediatric First Aid through the WRPA’s Personal Development Programme. Many thanks to Cath Frudd from Daisy First Aid for delivering this session.


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