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WRPA members experience a day as a Firefighter.

With huge thanks to Morriston Fire Station, members of the WRPA had the opportunity to experience life as a Firefighter for the day.

As part of the Career and Education pillar of the WRPA Player Development Program, players with an interest in becoming a Firefighter or those with an interest in a career that is mainly outdoors and active, attended a fast, fun and exciting day at Morriston Fire Station. During the day members had the opportunity to dress the part of a Firefighter and experience first hand some of the training sessions and drills Firefighters face. These sessions ranged from navigating through a blacked out caged maze with a full oxygen tank suit, climbing to four storey high windows and working to remove the roof of cars. Morristion Fire Services also took members straight to a road traffic incident using VR headset to experience first response situations.

The day allowed members to explore the option of Firefighting as a future career and talk through possible entry routes.

The WRPA would like to thank the team at Morriston Fire Station for hosting such a great opportunity.


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