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Wessex Garages parter up with the WRPA

The WRPA are happy to announce a partnership with Wessex Garages that sees them become the official vehicle supplier to the WRPA. This partnership ensures that players in Wales are provided with further support when relocating, or in some cases provided with transport when injured or following surgery.

This partnership also provides the WRPA a stronger platform from which to continue its' work to Represent, Develop, Promote and Protect professional rugby players in Wales. A great example of the added benefit of this partnership was seen when the WRPA received a call from a player who requested support for a local hospital whose staff were unable to return home after being snowed in for two days. The WRPA were happy to ensure the matron and nurse from Spire Hospital in Pentwyn made it safely home to Penarth and Rhoose.

Gareth Howells the Dealer Principle at Wessex Garages Cardiff (Nissan) said:

“We are very excited to be involved in this new era of the WRPA, and delighted to be associated with all of the progressive and forward thinking activities that they are introducing – which is all to the huge benefit of rugby players in Wales.”


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