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Wagamama join the WRPA as Official Partners!

The Welsh Rugby Players Association (WRPA) and Wagamama have today announced a new partnership which sees Wagamama join as Official Partners. This new exciting partnership will see both organisations working collaboratively to help support the continued professional development and welfare of our professional rugby players here in Wales, specifically focusing on support within mental health and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Wagamama pride theirselves and live by the philosophy of 'kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’, which shapes every dish they create, and pushes them to find better ways in all that Wagamama do. Wagamama’s Asian inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish, sustain and inspire with a key focus of theirs being on all things mental health and equality.

In the last year, with COVID and the associated restrictions having a real effect on Wagamama restaurants and their staff and also the professional rugby players in Wales, this partnership brings many new opportunities. Now restaurants in Wales are beginning to open again, Wagamama have been left inspired to help more people enjoy the mental + physical benefits of cooking, highlighted by their new Wagamama cook at home range, to help you cook up more than a meal, in support of better mental health.

With four vibrant Wagamama restaurants based in Wales, the new partnership will see WRPA members be able to benefit from bespoke events focused on an array of areas to support both WRPA members and our local community members working at Wagamama feeding our community! Throughout the 2021/2022 season, we’re excited to be planning player led cookery classes and host inspiring workshops for Wagamama staff and WRPA members to share their professional skills and experiences. This partnership will allow our professional players to learn new ways to nourish their bodies and explore a new potential avenue for life after rugby within the hospitality and catering industry. As well as these new opportunities, WRPA members and Wagamama will be creating safe spaces for WRPA members to explore mental health topics, share stories and create support networks.

On the new partnership, Philippa Hearnden, WRPA Head of Business said: “In a time where the pandemic has added more pressure, stress and restrictions to our community, it’s great to be supported by an organisation who are proactively creating opportunities to nourish our mental health. As the representative body, and collective voice of professional rugby players in Wales, it’s important we are continuing to work towards a community that embraces and encourages conversations surrounding mental health.

There’s no doubting that Wagamama is a firm favourite choice of restaurant for our members, and this new partnership will give our members real bespoke experiences to also explore and learn for their own personal development post retirement. We give thanks for Wagamama’s support and look forward to the collaborations moving forward.”

Beth Elston, Regional Marketing Manager from Wagamama added; “We’re delighted to link up with the WRPA. It’s so important for us here at Wagamama to shine a light on mental health and to always be offering support where we can. Whether it’s with our partners, local community or students, we always want to ensure we are doing what we can – especially after the tough year everyone has had. That’s why our partnership with the WRPA is already so special as they have offered their amazing workshops to our internal team at Wagamama which I am so excited to see roll out!”



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