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The WRPA's charity Second Half Rugby runs first charity golf day with huge success.

Second Half Rugby today joined forces with Mond Valley Golf Club to host their first Members Golf Day. The day, sponsored by the WRPA's partners All Sport Insurance, saw members join forces to raise awareness and vital funds for the players' charity Second Half Rugby. The day saw teams made from players, sponsors and WRPA staff take to the course to raise funds in the first live fundraising event for the charity.

Second Half Rugby is the registered charity associated with the Welsh Rugby Players Association. Second Half aims to raise funds to directly assist professional rugby players in Wales facing times of hardship; be it financial, bereavement, injury or any other unplanned traumatic situation.

Professional rugby players have to endure the mental stresses of having their performance scrutinised daily, not just by their employers but by an entire fan base. They have to deal with being side-lined if they don’t perform, and risk losing their spot if they suffer injury. Personal issues and well-being can often be ignored as players can be reluctant to report their issues to coaches to avoid the risk of looking weak and jeopardising their spot. To top it all off, the average career of a rugby player can be as short as 3-5 years and the worries about transitioning out of the game and supporting families is a significant burden. It is a tough and grueling career, tougher than most would realise.

As well as granting financial support to those in need, Second Half has also launched the first of its kind “Physical Transition Programmes” pilot which is designed to support players with chronic injuries as they transition out of the game. It is designed to make day to day life easier by resolving pain or longstanding injuries sustained throughout a rugby career. The programme headed up by former Osprey’s physiotherapist Ant Carter provides hands-on advice and guidance on managing physical wellbeing. Ant works with the players to develop pain & activity management plans bespoke to players. The programme is funded by the charity and is designed to give back to those who have given so much on the pitch for our entertainment.

Phil Lane, Chair of Second Half Rugby said, "Our charity,Second Half, provides a vital support role for players who are facing often career threatening challenges. Players and the rugby family of sponsors and supporters, recognise that we need to make an investment now if we are to provide that safety net that will ensure long term care for those that are in need. Today’s event is significant progress in Second Half’s aim to provide support."

Amy Derham, Business Development Manager of All Sport Insurance said, "All Sport are proud partners of the WRPA and we were pleased to support the day raising awareness for their charity, Second Half, who provide such a vital support role for players in need. We look forward to continuing to support players through our work with the WRPA."

Owain Rees, Mond Valley Golf Club General Manager said: “It was a privilege to host the WRPA and it’s partners. We’d been in discussions for some weeks and we were delighted to get a date in the diary to allow some of the players to enjoy a day out on the golf course. We look forward to the continuous collaboration with the WRPA and Second Half Rugby and plan to host further events in 2022."

We’d like to thank our partners who made the day possible, with special thanks to All Sport Insurance, SO Coffee, Wagamama and Mond Valley Golf Club.


If you'd like to read more or donate to Second Half Rugby, follow our Just Giving page here.

For partnership or sponsorship opportunities for both WRPA and Second Half Rugby, please email Philippa Hearnden, Head of Business at


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