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Re-establishment of the WRPA and the creation of the PDP programme

The Welsh Rugby Players’ Association has been undergoing a vast shift in strategic and operational direction over the last year – a change which has led to the complete reestablishment of the association.

The shift began with a new full time CEO Andries Pretorius – joining the WRPA in March 2017. Soon after, the WRPA underwent a full rebranding, with new logos, website and feel for the association being created. April 2017 then saw the largest gathering of players to date at the Annual General Meeting; the outcome of which was the agreement for the need of a redevelopment of programmes, operations and structure of the WRPA. The players spoke and the WRPA listened…

The WRPA is now proud to release it’s new Personal Development Programme. This programme focuses on delivering workshops and one on one meetings with players to successful track, log and improve individual player welfare and wellbeing as well as adequately preparing players for their careers and life beyond rugby. This programme is built from four key sectors; Career and Education, Vulnerabilities, Life Skills and Wellbeing. Each individual pillar consists of a syllabus of workshop titles to equip players with the tools needed to cope with life as a rugby player and transition when this career comes to a end.

In order to deliver this newly developed programme, the WRPA is pleased to announce an expansion of workforce. In November 2017 thanks to a collaboration between the players themselves, the WRU and the regions that sees all stakeholders invest financially, the WRPA hired four new Personal Development Managers. This expansion has allowed the WRPA to become industry leading; having a full time PDM coordinating and delivering the four pillars of the WRPA PDP at each of the professional teams in Wales (Scarlets, Ospreys, Dragons, Cardiff Blues). With a plethora of skill sets ranging from ex police, industry leading knowledge and years of experience in the field – these new PDMs work daily with our members, something that has logistically not been done before.

This new PDP has highlighted the need for a secure and in-depth pillar surrounding player career selection. For this reason, the WRPA independently created the resource “Career+”. Career+ is a programme used by WRPA PDMs and is delivered to players on an individual basis. After completing the resource players are equipped with a personalised career industry action plan, focusing on the skills and direction they need to head in order to be able to transition out of the game and into a career that best suits their selves.

The WRPA would like to thank all partners, businesses and individuals who have supported and allowed this redevelopment to happen. The players theirselves are, as always, a key driver in the work the WRPA strives to achieve, input and feedback from these players has been used to develop and deliver key action points to best aid player welfare and development and development will continue to take place into the 2018/2019 season.

If there are any businesses or individual who would like to support the WRPA or hear more on our developments or PDP please contact:


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