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Lloyd Ashley Appointed WRPA's Mental Health and Well-Being Lead.

The WRPA is very proud to announce Lloyd Ashley as the newly appointed WRPA Lead for Mental Health and Well-Being.

In this voluntary position, Lloyd will work to champion awareness and help change the stigma and approach to mental health here in Wales. With WRPA support, Lloyd, who recently launched his new venture “Living Well With Lloyd Ashley” to help provide wellbeing support and mental health awareness, has successfully qualified as a First Aid for Mental Health Instructor.

Over the last year, the WRPA and its regional Personal Development Managers, have worked hard to create a support structure for professional rugby players and their mental health. The journey has involved signing the Time to Change pledge with Hafal, delivering awareness sessions to each region, support in the appointment of a WRU in-house clinical psychologist, and supporting over 30 members attend certified first aid for mental health awareness courses. The WRPA’s staff have also upskilled to become Mental Health First Aiders, equipping the WRPA team to be able to identify and support those facing difficult times.

Lloyd will now work with the WRPA in this new role to visit WRPA membership base within regions, promoting the awareness and support infrastructure in place for mental health. Lloyd will also be delivering Mental Health First Aid Courses to our members to help increase awareness and equip teammates to support each other.

As the new ‘WRPA Mental Health and Well-Being Lead’, Lloyd will help promote a positive change in the stigma and approach to mental health, promoting positive well-being -to raise awareness of mental health and the importance in mental health awareness.

On taking up the new role, Lloyd commented:

“In the last few years, it’s been brilliant to see the change in how we approach mental health in professional rugby across Wales. I look forward to continuing to raise awareness of mental health and breaking the stigma that’s commonly attached in speaking around the topic. I’m keen to begin upskilling peers and support staff in mental health first aid and the much-needed awareness of both positive and poor mental health signs and symptoms. Having the support of the WRPA to complete my training and holding the new role of Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead will help to ensure all players in Wales feel supported and help to promote that no player is alone in anything they face.”

The WRPA’s Chief Executive Barry Cawte also praised Lloyd’s committed to mental health awareness:

“It's great to see one of our WRPA members being so proactive in helping their peers. Lloyd has shown great determination and contribution to help positively change the landscape of mental health in professional rugby. From creating his new venture, Living Well With Lloyd Ashley, to holding this new position of WRPA Lead for Mental Health and Well-being - Lloyd is a real credit to professional players and Wales. It’s great to see that, alongside the WRPA Personal Development Plan, players like Lloyd are stepping out to new ventures for life after rugby.

Mental health has seen a vast increase in the support and information available over the last few years, but it’s important we continue to progress and highlight the changes still needed in the stigma around mental health. With Lloyd on board, we hope to further increase the safe environment we have for our members to seek this support. Lloyd will be a huge credit to our team, with the delivery of workshops and courses he will really support our journey to ensure everyone not only understands mental health but is aware of the support available to both theirselves and their loved ones”.


To see more on Living Well With Lloyd Ashley visit here:

Instagram: @livingwellwithlloydashley



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