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A player’s life in lockdown

Wales’ professional rugby players lead a very structured life with every minute of their working day accounted for, from gym sessions to analysis, skills sessions to yoga and mobility.

Life in lockdown has flipped that on its head with individuals having to create their own strict structures and schedules to follow at home!

In addition to following their individualised training plans, devised by the Strength and Conditioning staff at the regions, the players have had to adapt and find new ways of filling their days!

Here are some of the favourite things we’ve seen on their social media channels!


Dragons’ Sam Davies has been keeping up his kicking practice and even took on the crossbar challenge!

Keen to brush up on his golfing prowess Cardiff Blues’ Ellis Jenkins has taken to chipping a golf ball into a shaker! (Don’t try this at home kids!)

We were particularly impressed with Richard Hibbard’s blindfolded throw into the hoop!


It’s a tough time for many who are having to self-isolate. All four regions have put in a fantastic effort supporting people who require help within their communities. Here’s Scarlets’ Kieran Hardy helping the region’s Community Foundation to deliver care packages.


We've all got a drawer, a shelf, shed or garage that needs to be sorted. James Hook wasted no time in getting stuck in to his garage. This collection of playing jerseys is a thing of beauty!


Baking and cooking seems to be at the top of many people’s list for things to do during lockdown. If you’ve managed to find flour you’re doing well!

Here’s a tasty selection of treats;

Steaks and boerewors rolls on the braai from Hanno Dirksen @dirko31!

Benjamin Fry @benjamin_fry6 also showing his BBQ skills.

A classic Italian pasta bake from Rio Dyer @riodyer14!


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